Strategic technology alliances

Strategic Technology Alliances

Developing and delivering joint WiFi marketing software integration

  • Aislelabs offers a truly integrated platform for marketing and analytics with a broad set of WiFi marketing software integration and adoption options. We use open standards and API centric interfaces to be interoperable with leading vendors and industry standard technologies to create mutually beneficial solutions and protect customers’ existing investments.
  • Seamlessly integrate between our platform and other technologies such as staffing schedules, planograms, point-of-sales, CRM, email marketing, inventory control, marketing automation, hotspot management, WiFi monetization systems, and many more. The integrated solutions we develop with our technology partners creates an improved customer experience and generates the best possible solutions for their specific needs.
  • Join us as an Aislelabs strategic technology partner today so that we can offer more complete and customer-focused WiFi marketing solutions that capitalize on our own core competencies and innovation.
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Benefits for Aislelabs’ developer program

  • Rich developer APIs for effortless integration between systems.
  • Access visitor profiles and behavioral data in your products.
  • Provide integrated solutions to leading airports, malls, retailers, restaurants and venues globally.
  • Work with best-in-class Wi-Fi Monetization, Advertising and Analytics solution.