Introduction to WiFi Marketing

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Aislelabs Connect: Marketing and Analytics Platform for Wi-Fi
Transform Guest WiFi into a Powerful Marketing Tool Enable a host of marketing features and analytic capabilities to your existing WiFi hardware. Loved by marketing managers, the Aislelabs platform works with existing hardware.
Secure and Easy to Deploy No new hardware needed. Use existing WiFi access points. The Aislelabs platform doesn’t require any new hardware deployment for any of its products. It works with existing WiFi infrastructure at the property and integrates easily with current systems.
Aislelabs Connect: How it works How Aislelabs guest WiFi can work for you Step 1: Visitor enter establishment Step 2: They join guest WiFi Step 3: You receive data and build a powerful CRM Step 4: Execute marketing campaigns Step 5: Assess your return on investment (ROI)
Easy to Setup & Customize Fully customizable splash pages are incredibly easy to set up. Configure your login options with just one click. Completely customize a visitor’s WiFi login journey with Aislelabs products. Splash page banners and social login options can be easily changed with a single click. Get full control over the amount of info to gather at login.
Brand Your Splash Page Create your own unique branded splash page with a powerful editor. Use a default template to get your splash page up and running quickly or launch the advanced editor to get maximum control of the user sign-in journey. Fine tune specific features and create a branded experience for your customers that is unique to your company. Customize the authentication and landing pages tailoring them to specific groups. Utilize the built-in media library to manage logos and save time.
Grow your CRM Database Add thousands to millions of new subscribers to your marketing lists. When guests sign in to your free WiFi network, they opt-in for marketing. Aislelabs automatically collects their name, age, gender, location, and interests from Facebook and other social sites and adds them to your CRM.
Know Your Customers Get marketing opt-ins from your visitors and understand their visits. Access the names, ages, genders, locations, and interests of your customers provided by Facebook and other social sites. This information provides a detailed customer overview which can in-turn be used for hyper-targeted personalized marketing and promotional activities.
Get Demographics Reports Get your visitors’ demographics, interests, and location information. Create up-to-date reports on your visitors’ demographics including their age and gender as well as which cities or postal codes where they reside, pages they like, and other attributes.
Data Belongs to You
Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns Email marketing for personalized campaigns Surveys to get customer feedback Digital ads to re-target visitors after they leave
Real-Time Campaigns and Event Promotions Utilize hyper-targeted email, SMS marketing, and event promotions. Aislelabs provides a fully integrated email marketing solution. Target past visitors, interest groups, and specific demographics based on the campaign parameters. Target your customers as they enter your venue, during their stay, or right after they leave. Maximize engagement by communicating with your customers on location.
Pinpoint Your Exact Audience Create highly targeted user lists based on specific criteria to send your emails. Use the built-in filters to laser focus in on a specific audience. Choose between features such as age, gender, interests, location, frequency of visits, and behaviours in store, across stores, or the last time a customer has visited your property. Target customers across one or many property groups.
Multiple Templates Available Choose from a variety of templates to quickly get your email campaigns up and running. Connect comes pre-built with standard email templates. Whether sending out a promotion or a newsletter you never need to design it from scratch. You can create your own designs or customize existing ones.
Craft Your Unique Message Easily create your email messages with text, images, and links. Easily create or modify any email message for any campaign. With the built-in intuitive what you see is what you get editor, you can quickly craft and design an email newsletter or promotion with ease.
Get Customer Feedback Send exit surveys to your customers and get up-to-date feedback and opinions. Surveys are an incredibly effective way to retarget visitors, improve service, and learn more about what influences your customers. You can create customized surveys and send them automatically to targeted audience groups.
Create Smart Coupons
Measure Campaign Impact Learn which of your customers respond to your messaging. Receive demographic analytics of who opened and clicked on your email. Learn what your clickthrough and open rates are along with which gender and age groups respond to your emails. Identify groups of users who respond to specific messages so you can refine your targeting for better results.
Maximize Your ROI Analyze your return on investment by understanding repeat visitors and footfall. Aislelabs assesses the exact return on investment of your marketing activities. Go beyond the number of opens and clicks to understand the actual footfall and number of customers who physically visit your property after a campaign has ended. Unlike other solutions, this valuable feature is solely unique to the Aislelabs platform.
Smarter Online Advertising Integrated ad platform to target audiences across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and optimize paid media buy. Aislelabs provides ad platform to behavioral retargeting for the physical world. As visitors leave from your property, you can display your ads online to them on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Post-campaign, you can measure the impact as the increase in footfall and number of visitors who return to your properties.
Highly Targeted Audience Lists View and target specific users to advertise to on social media. Create audiences based on specific demographic information and the in-store behaviours of customers who have already visited your properties. For example, run a campaign for male users aged 25-50 who like sports and this is their first visit to your property.
Build Ads for Behavioural Retargeting Powerful advertising builder with options to connect to your existing ad platform. Digital advertisements can be created directly within the platform. Your ads are tied to your visitors and their in-store behaviour to create the most sophisticated digital marketing campaigns possible.
ROI for Digital Advertising Understand the true value of your digital advertising and see your return on investment. Just like with email campaigns, Connect will show you in no uncertain terms what the ROI is for your digital advertising campaigns. Go beyond just clicks and find out exactly how many customers return to your venues via digital attribution.
Close the Marketing Loop and Maximize ROI Analytics on customers who returned to the property after viewing an email or online ad with PoS sales integration. Aislelabs Connect lets you create and measure the effects of your digital marketing campaigns utilizing the targeted audiences in your WiFi connected users database. It also provides details on returning customers after viewing an ad and closes the marketing ROI loop.
Location Heatmaps and Visit Patterns Understand your customers’ footfall and dwell times even if they don’t connect to WiFi with Aislelabs Flow. Anonymous footfall information and associated analytics are captured for users who do not connect to the guest WiFi. With Aislelabs Flow get reports on visit footfall, dwell times, top walking paths, heatmaps with predictive forecasting, and automated alerts.
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