Open Mesh + Aislelabs: Social WiFi and Analytics

Aislelabs integrates seamlessly with Open Mesh and Cloudtrax’s cloud managed APs. Aislelabs is an Open Mesh Ecosystem Partner. Restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, retail stores, and venues around the globe trust Aislelabs as the preferred WiFi monetization platform for their Open Mesh installations.

The Aislelabs Flow product works with all models of Open Mesh infrastructure. No new hardware installation is required and connections between Aislelabs and Open Mesh is conducted by direct communication between the APs and the Aislelabs cloud. Aislelabs’ location engine can be used directly with the presence data feed for accurate positioning.

Aislelabs Social WiFi and Connect products enable powerful guest WiFi with data collection from a number of channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Weibo, email, and phone SMS. Fully customizable splash pages and captive portals with cloud-hosted RADIUS servers elevate the customer experience.

Customers can use Aislelabs Campaign for effective marketing, targeted digital advertising, and online surveys. Campaign lets customers build their CRM and grow their email list to attract a loyal visitor base to their sites.